The Global Impact Conference


About GIC

Global Impact Conference (GIC) is an international symposium designed to share and promote international practices in the field of sustainable development. GIC’s objective is to support progress in the direction of achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
More than 50 authoritative experts from 30 countries, including representatives of governmental agencies, international NGOs, private corporations, and local research communities, took part in GIC 2021. In this respect, GIC 2021 was on par with such international events as EU Green Week, Climate Week NY, The Economist Impact Sustainability Week, Reuters NEXT and the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26). The conference was broadcast in both Russian and English to an audience of over 653,000 people in 14 countries.
The theme of the conference was "Bridging the Gaps" with a focus on creating an atmosphere of trust and partnership between different countries, businesses, and civil societies. It also aimed to speak to different generations in formulating a response to the challenges of our time. The growing gap in the level of socio-economic development poses a great threat to shared prosperity, peace, security, and stability around the world.
The last several decades have been a period of human progress in the fight against hunger, poverty, and ecological destruction. However, the pace of change is slowing due to the coronavirus, and there is a risk that decades of progress could be wiped out. Today, thousands of people around the world show real leadership by initiating their own projects, working together, creating new understanding and new technologies in order to change the world for the better.

Our Speakers

Alexey Likhachev
Director General, Rosatom Corporation
Norra Berra
President, Union of Global Health
Gary A. Bolles
Chair for the Future of Work, Singularity University
Linn Caldas
Global Belonging Lead, Health & Well-Being, Spotify
Gerd Leonhard
Futurologist, founder The Future Agency
Tatyana Valovaya
Director-General of the UN office in Geneva
Ryan Collyer
CEO, Rosatom Central and Southern Africa
South Africa
Limin Hee
Director of Research, Singapore’s Centre for Liveable Cities
William D. Magwood
Director-General, Nuclear Energy Agency, OECD
Isatou Ceesay
Activist & Social Entrepreneur, One Plastic Bag
Paul Polman
Co-Founder and Chair, IMAGINE
Leslie Dewan
CEO, RadiantNano
*all speakers of 2020 and 2021 you can find on the conference website

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